Ferdinand Bauer

Ferdinand Lucas Bauer (20 January 1760 – 17 March 1826) was an Austrian botanical illustrator who travelled on Matthew Flinders’ expedition to Australia.

Ferdinand Bauer

About Ferdinand Bauer

Ferdinand Bauer was born in 1760 in Feldberg, Austria and was a natural history draughtsman appointed for service with Captain Matthew Flinders on “The Investigator” during Flinders’ survey of the Australian coast in 1801-05.

Bauer, a son of the court painter to the Prince of Liechtenstein, was a master of detailed botanical drawing, and his work had a high degree of aesthetic content and an equally high degree of scientific accuracy. During his Australian assignment, which turned out to be as hazardous and exciting as it was adventurous, he made no fewer than 1541 drawings and sketches.

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