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Su Lesley Fishpool

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Su Lesley Fishpool

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About Su Lesley Fishpool

Su Lesley Fishpool was born in Melbourne in 1949 and studied art at Caulfield Institute of Technology.

Working for a time as a graphic designer in a Melbourne studio she desired involvement with art education of young people and entered the teaching profession in 1973 leaving in 1989 to spend time on her own work.

Since 1975 Fishpool has lived on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula which has provided an abundance of imagery for her work.

Painting the sea and coastline in nature’s many moods is a constant challenge and fascination. Fishpool prefers working on prepared textured surfaces, such as canvas or rag paper, in a wide range of media including acrylic paint, pastel, charcoal, oil sticks gold and other metallic paints.

Su’s paintings are represented in private and corporate collections in Australia and the USA.

Artist information page for Su Lesley Fishpool.

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