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Jenny Baird

Australian artist Jennifer Baird has always had a passion for creating vibrant and seductively uncluttered images.

Delighting in master painters such as Matisse, Gauguin, Schwitters, Picasso, Van Gogh, she has also been influenced by modern Australian artists such as Whiteley, Drysdale, Olley, Rees and Done.

In 1994, Baird had completed her degree in design and established a popular following for her work by selling her images at the local markets.

The success of this venture encouraged Baird to establish, ‘The Fifth Season’, an enterprise which was based on the objective of creating ‘affordable art’ for people who desired to own original artworks, but had always felt it was out of their reach.

The popularity of these images grew rapidly and in 1995, Baird co-founded ‘The Blue Turtle Studio’ in Newtown, where she has been regularly exhibiting her work along with group and solo shows throughout Sydney.

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