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Tobwabba Art Group

The Tobwabba Art Group is a business enterprise developed for artists by their Land Council and the Government funded Skillshare Organisation in Forster.

The Tobwabba story centres on the original Worimi people from the Great Lakes of coastal New South Wales.

The name Tobwabba means ‘place of clay’ and refers to a hill on which the Worimi descendants now live.

Unlike desert tribes who have remained fairly isolated, coastal aborigines have absorbed Western culture.

Their art reflects this duality; a traditional background may be overlaid with distinctly modern features.

Emotive and highly original art images are applied to the sales and marketing efforts of Australian product manufacturers.

Images are currently licensed to operators in clothing, textiles, accessories, publishing, stationery, paper products, giftware, souvenirs and general merchandise.

Artist information page for Tobwabba Art Group

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