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Ramon Ward-Thompson

Ramon Ward-Thompson was born at Masterton, New Zealand in 1941 and showed an early flair for drawing. In 1960 he emigrated to Sydney, Australia.

During a visit to the galleries of Europe, he found himself drawn, in particular, to the paintings of the French impressionists. On returning to Australia from Europe, he decided to try making a living as a painter and took a keen interest in the work of the Australian impressionists of the Heidelberg School.

Both influences, French and Australian, made an impression on his work. Indeed, many commentators have seen Ward-Thompson’s work as representing a kind of latter day extension of the Heidelberg School of Australian art.

His other influences include the bright colours of Rubury Bennett, the subtleties of Elioth Gruner and the composition of Percy Lindsay.

Ward-Thompson is, above all, a romantic painter.

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